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Injection moulding machine

Plastic injection or injection molding machines are used to produce parts in volume, which are usually used in mass production processes, in which a part is made thousands or even millions of times in a row. The main advantage of the plastic injection machine or injection molding is the ability to produce on a mass scale. After paying the initial costs, the price per unit during the production of the injection mold is very low. With the production of more parts, the price also decreases drastically.

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Advantages of plastic injection machine

A standard injection molding machine produces lower waste than traditional manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, which destroys a significant percentage of the original plastic block or sheet. However, it can be negative in cases like 3D printing where there is a lower scrap rate.

The plastic waste from the plastic injection machine is usually created from four parts:

Sprue Runners Entrance Any overflow material that leaks out of the part cavity itself

sprue plastic injection machine

It can be simply said that the sprue is a channel that directs the molten plastic from the nozzle of the plastic injection machine to the entry point of the entire injection mold tool. This piece is separate from the mold tool itself. Plastic injection machine runner (runners) A system of channels that meet the sprue, usually inside or as part of the mold tool, and direct the molten plastic into the part cavities within the mold tool. There are two main categories of runners (hot and cold).

inlet valve

Inlet, which is the part of the channel after the runner that leads directly into the part cavity. After one injection cycle (usually only a few seconds) the entire molten plastic cools, leaving solid plastic in the sprues, runners, gates, part cavities, as well as some overflow potentially at the edges of the parts. if the sealing is not 100% correct). By using thermoplastic materials, recyclable materials are reused. Sometimes even materials that fall on the factory floor. They mill the sprues/runners and any recycled parts. Then those materials are added again to the raw materials that go to the press of the injection machine. This material is called “grinding material”.

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Quality control department

They typically limit the amount of recycled material that is allowed to be reused in the injection machine. (Some functional properties of plastic can be lost by repeated molding). If a factory has a large amount of recycled material, it can sell this regrind mod to another factory that can use it. Typically, re-ground materials are used for low-quality parts that do not require high-quality properties. Injection molding is a highly repeatable process. It means that every batch of products you produce will be practically the same as the previous ones. This is a great feature when striving for brand consistency and reliability in high volume production.

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Applications of plastic injection machine

Plastic bottles are the most common products produced by billions of people every year in different shapes and sizes. Typically, plastic bottle preforms used to store drinking water and other beverages are injection molded from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) because this material is both strong and lightweight. Electronic enclosures are also usually made using a plastic injection molding machine. Housings used in devices such as remote controls, computers, televisions, medical equipment, and other consumer electronics are all manufactured by the injection molding process. Plastic injection molding machines can produce any custom plastic enclosure for any application and size.

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Imagine plastic parts that are lightweight, durable, and don’t corrode, come in many sizes and colors, and are designed for precise and easy assembly. The plastic Lego pieces we are all familiar with are made from harder plastic granules that are heated to liquefy and then injected into metal molds where the plastic is cooled and formed into ribbed blocks. Or it becomes another form. But what is important is that each brick and component is accurately molded so that they all fit together. This is a precision product that is available in different colors, shapes and sizes.

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Equipment designed for the agricultural market is turning to plastic as a low-cost alternative to the metal components commonly used throughout the industry. Plastics are more resistant to impact and moisture and are able to withstand very high or low temperatures. UV additives also help protect plastic parts from harsh weather conditions or exposure to corrosive substances.

Household appliances:

The production of bottle caps, containers, components and beverage containers are just a few of the common items that can be custom made with a plastic injection molding machine.

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Machines and car components:

Bumpers, dashboards, radio controls, cup holders and many other elements in cars and domestic and foreign vehicles are made with a plastic injection machine.

Healthcare industry (plastic injection products):

In the healthcare field, there are thousands of products that are made with the plastic injection process. The healthcare industry relies heavily on multi-use plastic products that can be produced in bulk, as many of these products are single-use, single-use items to maintain sterility or prevent the spread of germs or disease. From plastic syringes to tools used in medical procedures, injection molding is an industry that helps medical professionals do their jobs. Plastic injection molding is a very common manufacturing method used to produce everyday household items. These programs cover commercial, industrial and consumer products alike. Injection molding is used to produce intricately detailed designs to simpler shapes in any size range from small to large objects. This method has produced solid parts such as electronic enclosures, bottle caps, containers, computers, television parts, outdoor furniture, agricultural products, toys, machinery components, and more.

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Commercial products of the plastic injection industry:

Electrical boxes Garbage and recycling bins Automobile Parts Household equipment

Medical Equipment:

Medicine trays Disposable syringes and needles

Vehicle equipment:

Color-matched interior components

Commercial construction:

Pipe for concrete beams Insulators Raised floor panels

Residential construction:

Ceiling vents Fence washer Connectors

Consumer goods:

All kinds of shelves Barbecue accessories Bottles and glasses toilet seat

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Toys and entertainment:

High level collectible models Decorated children’s furniture

shopping center:

Spring supermarket display tray book shelf

Household products:

flower pots wire rope Air fresheners

Food service:

High temperature cedar pans bread trays Disposable plates and utensils

Sports products:

Exercise machines sport equipments

3D printing:

Electric handles Different buttons

How does the plastic injection machine work?

Injection molds must have high precision between the two halves of the mold in order to fully control the material flow. Creating a template is very important to make an integrated and accurate product. Plastic injection molding machine molds are usually made using steel or aluminum, and precise machining is done to shape the desired product features. The injection molding process is repeated continuously when a functional, error-free mold is produced. It also has a low scrap rate compared to other manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, which deducts significant portions of blank raw materials in one process.

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The plastic injection industry is highly repeatable and reliable for high volume production. When the first part of the products is produced, the second part is produced practically the same as the first part, due to the ability to make multi-cavity (cavity) injection mold parts, where several parts are made in one cycle. Other advantages are a wide range of material choices, low labor costs, minimal waste losses and minimal requirements for finishing operations after molding. One of the major disadvantages of injection molding is the initial costs of mold design, which has relatively high initial costs and investment due to the design, testing and tool requirements and longer necessary times. Some complex custom parts may experience problems such as warping or surface defects during the injection molding process. Therefore, injection molded parts must be accurate and any changes in geometry during cooling and material selection must be designed to ensure stability.

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Features of plastic injection machine

Another important reason for using plastic injection machines is high-volume production. This makes high initial costs return to the manufacturer with low costs per unit over time. For this reason, injection machines can be an inappropriate choice. For small volume production. In addition, there are no design limitations when using a plastic injection machine. For example, a part with a nearly uniform wall thickness (which is important to avoid defects) and a part made with a thermoplastic material (which allows the solid plastic material to be melted repeatedly for this method). . If you were designing a part with a thermosetting material, injection molding would be more delicate. You can injection mold a thermoset material, but you can only do it once. Attempting to melt a thermosetting plastic a second time will result in burning the material. Similarly, a part with different wall thickness requires more attention in the design of the mold tool to ensure uniform cooling and avoid defects during production.

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The price of injection molding machine

Plastic injection machines can have many different capabilities according to customer needs. From tonnage and dimensions to being electric or hydraulic or fully automatic or not. Based on this, we recommend that you click on the contact link and contact the sales experts of the company to get technical advice regarding the purchase of plastic injection machines and price inquiries.

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