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about us

Pars company meets the needs of customers by providing global solutions, and in addition to the domestic market, by targeting the markets of the countries in the region, it has expanded its activities in the field of machinery for the pharmaceutical, health, food industries, etc. In this way, quality is our policy and moving in the direction of technology is our ability.

Why do the best choose us

High quality and modern technology


Extensive after-sales service


سرویس خدمات

Service and after-sales service

Service and after-sales service
Pars Pharma starts when you are still developing or fine-tuning your product design. When it comes to activating, qualifying and validating BFS systems according to GMP guidelines, when it’s time for a scheduled service, when a part needs replacing, or simply when something isn’t working quite right, we’re there for you. We help you design packaging, optimize production processes, adapt your system configuration to changing conditions and help you reduce your costs. For everything from spare parts to upgrades, we are your company and just a phone call away.

This is the meaning of true partnership for us at Pars Pharma.

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