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Vertical injection molding machine

While vertical injection molding machines work on the same general principles as injection molding (injecting liquid plastic into a mold to form the mold cavity as the material hardens), both vertical and horizontal injection molding machines offer unique advantages.

دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک عمودی


The main difference in vertical versus horizontal plastic injection molding machines is the configuration and movement of the mold. In the vertical injection molding process, the closing of the mold is done vertically in an up and down motion. The clamping mechanism and injection mechanism are located along the same vertical plane. In the horizontal injection molding process, the closing of the mold occurs horizontally, so that each mold half moves to join the sides.

In the vertical plastic injection machine, the two halves of the mold move vertically up and down to open and close. The injection mechanism is usually located at the top of the mold. Gravity plays a big role in filling mold cavities along with injection pressure. This feature can help improve injection time and stability.

Vertical plastic injection machines are designed with open clamps and rotary tables. It allows working with multiple molds and operations simultaneously – pre-molding, injection molding and post-molding. As a result, there is less need for manual operations and intervention, and it will also cause higher efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs.

A major difference in vertical moulding, compared to horizontal moulding, is that the parts are not automatically ejected from the mold after being ejected (as is the case with horizontal moulds). In vertical molds, parts must be removed by hand or robotic arm.

تزریق عمودی

Vertical plastic injection machine uses

Multiple simultaneous operations: The design of vertical molds and the use of rotary tables means that two lower halves and one upper half can be used in tandem to perform pre- and post-moulding operations while parts are being filled. This is particularly useful in operations such as remolding, where inserts or substrates must be loaded prior to resin injection.

Insert and insert molding: vertical molds are suitable for insert molding and internal molding of parts due to the mold configuration. Inserts are naturally held in place by gravity, rather than having to be built into the cavity or use other methods to stay in position.

Advantages of vertical plastic injection machine

More consistent material flow and temperature distribution

Useful for insert molding, especially compared to older horizontal injection machines

Easy to work by hand and use with rotary tables to create composite parts.

The dimensions of the vertical injection machine are half the size of the normal horizontal injection machines.

The pressure and clamping force required is less due to the role of gravity in the process.

دستگاه تزریق عمودی


Disadvantages of vertical plastic injection machine

Manual extraction of the part can take more time

Parts may be damaged during removal by robots or human operators

The take-out time must be precise, which is more difficult in a manual process

The manual removal step can produce inconsistent cycle times

The vertical injection molding machine is a machine that injects plastic and through which plastics can be processed and shaped, and it is a very common machine in plastic processing. The operation of the vertical plastic injection machine is relatively simple.

First, the nozzle moves to the corresponding position, and then the cylinder is injected, and the plastic material is injected to maintain the pressure.

In the second step, the material is preformed, its shape is determined, and then the whole parts are assembled to be integrated, and the nozzle can be cooled by removing the nozzle. After cooling, the entire plastic will begin to form, at this time you can open the mold and take out the finished products at the same time.

Finally, the mold is closed and the whole production process ends.

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Operation of vertical injection machine

The main functions of the vertical plastic injection molding machine also include the control and operation of the keyboard, as well as the knowledge of the electrical control operation technology and the operation of the hydraulic system. Because the operations related to pressure, speed, type, etc. involved in the raw material injection process are closely related to the above. At the same time, temperature control in the tank as well as current and voltage regulation and monitoring all require the operator to have relevant knowledge and specific operating technology.

In the injection process, the operation of the vertical plastic injection molding machine is generally divided into manual operation, semi-automatic operation and fully automatic operation. Since manual operation must be completely manual, it is usually only used when the machine needs to be adjusted. Semi-automatic operation is a constant operation of the machine to complete the work cycle by itself. After finishing, it is necessary to separate the workpiece manually. The fully automatic machine performs periodic work completely, and there is no need to pause for consecutive operations.

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