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Rotary bottle cap injection machine

Injection molding using rotary bottle cap injection machines is often the best choice for complex, high-volume products that require tight tolerances. In fact, injection molding is the most common process for creating plastic parts from household appliances to aircraft parts, gardening equipment to toys, even cars and cosmetics. At Pars Company, we specialize in the production and sale of plastic injection machines.

دستگاه تزریق درب بطری چرخشی

The injection molding process involves pouring liquid plastic into a mold and allowing it to cool until it takes the shape of the mold. Your product shape is used to create the mold and our engineers work with you to design the mold. Prototype testing is used to validate a production run. The end result is a plastic injection molded part with the lowest tooling cost in the industry.

Advantages of rotary bottle cap injection machine

Low tolerance
Minimal work to complete the final product
Fast turnaround time

About 50 billion plastic bottle caps are made every year and the demand is always increasing. Among the two competing door manufacturing processes, neither has all the advantages.

When it comes to choosing a technology to make bottle caps, it’s more like choosing between computers. PC or laptop? Compression or injection? Manufacturers say that both have their advantages and that neither is right for every situation. But just like computers, choosing between the two is becoming more difficult as developers on both sides improve their processes.

Proponents of injection molding generally argue that the process allows for better accuracy, making it suitable for higher value caps. They acknowledge that compression molding is good for high volumes, but say this is offset by the inability to do much in the compression molding tool, which limits possible designs and forces molders to produce compression bottle caps in the low-value range. compete in the market. Some also say that injection molding can be as fast, or even faster, than compression molding.

تولید درب بطری پلاستیکی

Despite what they identify as the drawbacks of compression molding, injection molding machine manufacturers respect it. “There is certainly significant competition in compression molding,” says Reto Morger, the Swiss company’s marketing director. “Clamps are a common part for machines that have very fast cycle times, because you don’t want to spend a lot of time on one part. And compression molding is certainly very fast.”

Manufacturers using compression molding machines say the technology has developed rapidly in the last two years, enabling them to better compete with injection molding in package design while maintaining an output advantage.

Production process with rotary bottle cap injection machine

The rotary bottle cap injection machine is a high-pressure molding process: the polymer is melted, mixed and homogenized inside a plasticizing unit. The machine pulls doses of polymer that weigh exactly the same as the product and inserts them into the molds. The pressure applied to each mold can be up to 400 kg/cm2.

The procedure is to extrude a flat volume of laminated material and place it in a standard compression mold (not applicable in the injection process).

A continuous work cycle is performed, during which a flat laminated pellet is cut, placed in an open mold, turned into a bottle cap, thrown onto a conveyor belt and inspected in real time. .

دستگاه تزریق درب بطری

Advantages of bottle cap injection machine

Higher productivity thanks to shorter cycle times. A lower extrusion temperature allows the mold to cool the lid faster.

Energy saving due to lower extrusion temperature. With less energy needed to heat the plastic, less is needed to cool it.

A product with better mechanical properties. Since plasticization occurs at low temperatures and without a hot runner, the raw material retains its properties and product performance is improved.

The constant weight and size of the product is one of the winning features of this technology that surpasses the best results of injection molding. A cooler product exiting the mold means less shrinkage and therefore less dimensional change.

Quick and easy maintenance thanks to independent molds. Molds are quickly and individually replaced. On-site maintenance is performed while the machine is in operation.

Fast and economic color change The simplicity of the plasticizing unit and the absence of a hot runner speed up the color change and significantly reduce the waste of raw materials during and after color change.

تولید انواع درب بطری

buy rotary bottle cap injection machine

The rotary injection machine is used to produce all kinds of plastic bottle caps in different sizes. This machine has the ability to produce bottle caps in high circulation in a fully automatic manner.

Mineral water production companies and food industries that need to produce a large number of bottle caps can contact us, our experts, for advice and guidance regarding the purchase of all types of bottle cap injection machines.


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