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20 liter extrusion blow molding machine

The 20-liter blow molding macine with a flexible configuration is suitable for producing all kinds of gallons and tubs up to 20 liters. These machines are all available as two-station and single-station blow molding macine. They are available in different models. In the clamp units of the new series of 20 liter blow molding macine, the clamp system is a mold developed and registered by Pars Company. The parallelism of the clamping plate ensures excellent closing as well as uniform distribution of the clamping force. It is important to us that the clamping units ensure the shortest clamping force collection time to meet the process engineering requirements of all blow molding products.

دستگاه تزریق بادی 20 لیتری

Features of the 20 liter blow molding macine

• Designing a practical and ergonomic blow molding macine
• Simple and easy access for the operator
• Clamping force from 150 to 500 kilonewtons
• Dry cycle time 1.8 – 3.7 seconds
• Patented C-frame of the clamping unit for parallelism of the upper clamping plane and uniform distribution of clamping force across the die
• Short clamping force generation time and less than < 100 milliseconds
• Highly efficient electric drives
• Parison cutting with a hot cutter
• Linear output system with rear conveyor
• Fast mold clamping system

Purchase of a new 20 liter blow molding macine

The new series of 20 liter blow molding macine is designed with a central section, a new clamping unit with diagonal connecting rods and a two-stage hybrid-electric clamping actuator for clamping forces of 500 to 3000 kN. The use of servo hydraulics has significantly reduced the energy requirement. The use of blow molding macine molds with different thicknesses has been considered in the design, and the operator can easily adjust very large mold thicknesses, which is not possible with other electric clamp actuators of large blow molding systems, through the new control. Machine control system in HMI. This system does not require mechanical adjustment. While the clamping unit is centrally located under the platform, continuous die heads require a side offset position. Modern, silent hydraulic units with controlled speed reduce energy consumption and reduce noise levels to 71 dB(A).

گالن 20 لیتری

Advantages of 20 liter blow molding macine

• Flexible and modular industrial molding systems with high availability and flexible production solutions for large gallons, drums and IBCs.
• Unique hybrid electric clamp concept up to 3000 kN, fast, energy saving and with unique mold thickness variation
• Fast electric and hydraulic stroke movement. Hydraulic die functions driven by variable speed hydraulic power unit.
• Can be equipped with bottom calibration, blower and spreader pins as well as horizontal and vertical parison transfer devices.
• Complete manufacturing solutions including molds, robots, post-processing or post-cooling stations and material handling from a single source, for a variety of products.
• Visual control with artificial intelligence monitoring for consistent production quality and highest line availability
• High-performance extruder with melting and homogeneous process stability, reducing energy consumption by up to 20%.
• Spiral mandrel extrusion die head with modern simulation support, as a stacking and continuous head for simultaneous extrusion. Homogeneous melting and temperature with short color change time

دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک بادی 20 لیتری

Reliable, flexible, fast 20 liter blow molding macine

Nearly 20 years of experience primarily means one thing to our customers: reliability. From design to installation, you’ll benefit from energy-efficient machines, high-output extruders and innovative die-head extrusions, perfectly coordinated with each other and all from one source. The high level of integrated production makes our 20 liter blow molding macine. We value quality very much, which is why we manufacture and install original parts ourselves. We are flexible in choosing the most suitable drive technology. This is the only way to provide the best blow molding macine and solution for your productions.

تولید گالن 4 لیتری

The technical specification sof the 20-liter blow molding macine

One of our latest highlights is undoubtedly the advanced and practical design of the 20 liter blow molding macine, which are available with the latest technology in the world. The central part is the clamp unit with a C-base frame, which ensures precise and symmetrical force transmission, parallelism of the upper clamp plates and the best possible molding. With high clamping forces quickly available, a magnetic quick-change system for dies and spiral mandrel extrusion heads gives our customers equipment flexibility for future use. Advantages that save materials, energy and time.

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