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Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine

The PET blow molding machine works by reheating a pre-molded PET preform, which is then automatically inserted into the mold. After that, high-pressure compressed air is injected into the preform, which causes the bottle to expand and form.

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How the Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine works

PET blowing machines are the second part of the bottle production process. With these machines, completely cooled preforms are placed on rotating mandrels, heated to blow temperature through a furnace section, heated briefly to homogenize, and then blown into the mold to form the bottle mold. to take

At Pars Company, we offer three distinct types of PET blowing machines:

Linear shuttle blower machines

1 to 6 cavities – This PET blowing machine is available in both small and medium output at low cost.
One of the features of these machines is small and medium output with low cost.

دستگاه بادکن پت دستی

Linear Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine with continuous periform movement

1 to 12 coils, uniform heat distribution and easy operation

Rotary Pet Blowing Machines

10 and 14 holes – With this PET blower, you get high output at a lower cost.
High output with lower cost

Fully automatic PET blowing machine

The advantage of using this PET machine is its one-step molding process and its full automation, which makes it ideal for thermoplastic materials such as PET, PC and PP. As one of the top manufacturers of PET blow molding machines, we usually see this series of PET blow molding machines used by companies that produce packaging bottles. Some of the primary industries include pharmaceuticals, dairy, beverage, mineral water and soft drinks, food, health care, and cosmetics, although there are other industries as well.

ماشین بادکن پت تمام اتوماتیک

PET bottle production process

Production of PET containers requires injection molding of preforms and subsequent stretching and blowing them into bottles. Both operations can be combined in one blow molding machine (one-step process) or in two (two-step process). Both of these processes have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, and bottle manufacturers and brand owners are advised to know them in order to make the right choice for their products.

دستگاه تولید بطری پت

The advantages of the single-stage Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine

Seamless bottles
No need to transfer
Control over preform production
Possibility of good ventilation for rectangular bottles in some machines
The beginning of the thread can match the shape of the bottle.
Compact and flexible

However, there are also some disadvantages, including:
Long cycle time
Quality problems in hotrunners with thermal valves (valves available and recommended)
In order to prevent the percentage of waste from increasing, it is necessary to operate the machines 24 hours a day
Longer learning curve for operators as they have to master both processes and PET drying

These machines have multiples of two or three injection holes per impact hole, and the blower sections cycle two or three times per injection cycle. This saves on punch holes and thus lowers tooling costs, a critical issue for small and medium volume applications.

ماشین بادکن پت نیمه اتوماتیک

The uneven distribution of the wall is the result of heating the melt. As the melt moves through the barrel and hot channels, it is heated unevenly. When it splits into two streams (usually left and right), the hotter material flows behind the new channel. If you were to stand in front of the machine, you might notice that the finished bottles are often thinner at the back because they were blown with hotter material on the back panel.

While PET is very good at self-leveling (a strain-hardening effect that causes warmer areas to blow first after cooler areas are blown), this effect is not significant enough to mask the uneven heat of the preform. Various measures have been used over the years with varying degrees of success.

دستگاه تولید بطری

Most hot runners are not naturally balanced either. Natural equilibrium means that the melt path to each cavity has the same length and number of turns. Due to the geometry – all preforms in a row – this is often not possible, and as a result the preforms do not fill at the same rate, exacerbating the problem. Varying the nozzle diameter is useful to allow the melt to move more slowly through larger orifices, but can usually only be optimized for a very narrow weight range. Another solution is to add obstacles in the path of the flow of faster moving holes.

The advantages of the two-stage Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine

Scalable from 1,000 to 72,000 bottles per hour
Fast cycle time
Rapid changes
Flexibility (preforms can be made and stored elsewhere)
Very good wall distribution for round bottles

دستگاه بطری پت

Features of the Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine:

Hydraulic clamping system
Four infrared conveyor heating system modules
Incremental heater settings 1%-99%
No preform, no impact
Display interface through online control of the 320×240 graphic display process (format memory, error memory)
Hyd. Locking the check valve to save energy

گالن پت

air compressor

An excellent choice for Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine that require high air volume at high pressure is the use of Pars high pressure compressors that can be installed gradually as the needs increase. In the plastic bottle production machine, a computer control system manages the interface.

Buy a Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine

Even with superior quality plastic bottle making machinery that exceeds customer expectations, we pride ourselves on keeping our prices competitive. As the leader among the most reliable and up-to-date manufacturers of PET blow molding machines, we offer only the best products to customers across the country and neighboring countries.

For excellent output and bottle quality at a lower cost, with Pars Company. which is one of the leading manufacturers of Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine

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