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Pharmaceutical injection moulding machine

Injection machines for the pharmaceutical industry and medical and pharmaceutical products play a vital role in the health and safety of patients. As such, it is essential to ensure the quality of each product and its individual components throughout the manufacturing process – from design to final inspection. For this reason, it is critical to work with an experienced medical/pharmaceutical component manufacturer that emphasizes quality and offers full traceability from start to finish.

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At Pars Company, we offer plastic parts injection machines for the pharmaceutical industry with complete services.

Our comprehensive parts manufacturing capabilities allow customers to oversee their parts production, resulting in greater transparency and accountability. Additionally, we use FDA/medical grade materials to ensure that our injection molded components fully meet the stringent specifications and standards of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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The injection machine for the pharmaceutical industry is an efficient and cost-effective device for the production of medical and pharmaceutical parts with high precision and quality. It is used to create parts from medical devices and equipment to laboratory tools. In the following, an overview of the plastic injection molding process and its essential role in the medical and pharmaceutical industries is presented.

The importance of plastic injection molding in medical and pharmaceutical industries

Advances in materials production techniques and technologies have led to the widespread use of plastics in modern manufacturing operations. In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, plastics are often used alongside the injection molding process to produce prototypes and complete production units of medical parts and equipment. With the development of newer plastic materials and component designs, injectable plastics have increasingly helped reduce infectious disease rates, better manage pain, and lower medical costs.

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Advantages of the injection machine for the pharmaceutical industry for medical applications

Compared to other plastic manufacturing processes, plastic injection molding offers a number of clear advantages, especially when working with an injection molding machine for the pharmaceutical industry, including:

Compliance with Industry Standards/Regulations: Engineering grade plastics can be used in plastic injection molding operations to create parts that enhance patient safety and meet FDA guidelines. In addition, these medical plastic products require less processing than metal parts, resist contamination and maintain an easy-to-clean surface.

Traceability: In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, traceability is essential. Our comprehensive part tracking capabilities provide customers with peace of mind knowing that we actively and carefully monitor every step of the manufacturing process.

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Mechanical Properties: Injection molded parts made from engineering plastic resins have exceptional mechanical properties, including tensile strength, high temperature resistance, and tolerances comparable to metal parts.

Material Waste: While the injection molding process produces some material waste, we have a system in place to recycle our excess plastic to increase our overall sustainability and reduce our environmental impact.

Flexibility: Working with uncolored raw materials, we can customize any color to meet the exact needs of the customer.

High volume repeatability: In medical device manufacturing, a few millimeters or microns can differentiate between a functional component and a defective one. As such, medical plastic injection molding companies must have the skills to produce high-precision parts in both small and large quantities.

Cost savings: Injection molding is a cost-effective manufacturing method, especially for high volume production. By using automation technology and low consumption equipment, we further reduce our labor and water and electricity costs. These savings can then be passed on to our customers.

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Applications of injection machines for pharmaceutical industries in medical and pharmaceutical industries

As mentioned above, the injection machine for the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of manufacturing parts that meet the strict specifications and standards of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. For example, this process is often used to produce small, high-precision parts found in diagnostic test kits, such as the lateral flow diagnostic test cartridge, in large quantities by the customer.

Examples of other plastic injection molding parts for the medical and pharmaceutical industries include:

Laboratory equipment such as glasses, test tubes and other containers

Compartments for medical and laboratory equipment, such as shelves

Surgical preparation equipment and supplies

Components of dental x-ray equipment

High performance all electric for clean room applications

ماشین تزریق پزشکی

Technical specifications of the injection machine for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry injection machine suitable for clean room, high process capability and high injection dynamics, customized and the most widely used main element of complex production lines for pipettes, insulin syringes and all other plastic parts in medical technology.

Clamp force range: 800-2800 kilonewtons
Electric clamping unit for very fast cycle times
All-electric injection unit with integrated force metering for maximum shot-to-shot consistency and stable part weight
Free programmable controller for optimal flexibility and user-friendliness
Optimum energy efficiency due to kinetic energy recovery
Maximum system reliability and availability
Intelligent performance: reliable embedding of handling characteristics in the machine controller

To get advice and technical guidance to buy an injection machine for the pharmaceutical industry and all kinds of plastic injection machines, contact our experts through communication channels.

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