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pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine

Pharmaceutical Injection Molding Machine (IBM) is a machine that forms hollow plastic products such as small bottles, eye droppers and other pharmaceutical hygiene containers. Products produced by this method – have become almost essential in many industries, especially the pharmaceutical and health industries.pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine in the pharmaceutical industry bring numerous benefits to manufacturers and consumers.

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Features of pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine

Low rate of defective products

Our electric injection molding machines are equipped with AC servo motors that allow the machine to have a fixed position and speed with little variation in mechanical performance, so that they are stably capable of molding high quality products.

High stability in the wall and product weight

Our machines are equipped with a fixed molding cycle system to stabilize the weight of the products and their wall thickness.

Clean and quiet

pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine are able to mold products with a clean and quiet environment without oil stains caused by the hydraulic system.

دستگاه تولید قطره چکان پلاستیکی

Improve productivity and usability

Save time in setting molding conditions / setting up the machine

Molding conditions can be adjusted or changed without stopping machine operation. Molding conditions in each product are also easily stored or stored data can be read. Thus, it significantly shortens the workload required to change settings.

Save time in the molding cycle

Our machines are driven by AC servo motors. Even, they are being produced at the maximum speed of movement, there is no mechanical shock in the movements, therefore, compared to hydraulic machines, the movement time of our machines is significantly shortened.

Improving economic performance

Low or no maintenance required

Our pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine do not require the regular maintenance that hydraulic machines require, such as oil re-feeding, packing replacement or oil sealing, thus greatly reducing maintenance costs.

دستگاه بادی تزریقی پلاستیک

Reducing electricity consumption costs

Hydraulic machines drive hydraulic pumps without stopping. Driven by AC servo motors, our machines only consume electrical energy while they are moving. Compared to hydraulic machines, our machines are able to reduce electricity consumption by 40-60%, so you will see a big difference in electricity costs.

The pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine series includes a complete line of 3-station injection molding systems with clamping forces from 70 to 180 tons, hydraulic, hybrid, or all-electric configurations. Injection blow molding is the best processing choice for producing the highest quality, finished containers that consistently meet close tolerance specifications. There are many standard features in any injection molding system, along with a variety of options available, giving you the ability to mold complex shapes and meet high production demands.

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Unparalleled bottle quality with pharmaceutical injection molding machine

Containers produced with our injection blow molding machine that are completely finished in the mold have minimal variations in weight, wall thickness, and volume. And there are no flash scars to mar the surface of the bottle. Process variations commonly found in other systems using recycled resin are absent in this outlier-free process. Our technology also provides the high-tolerance injection-molded neck cover required for many child-resistant and tamper-resistant bottle cap designs.

Processing versatility

Pars blow molding systems process a wide range of resins in any shape – from small containers to wide mouth glass as well as many industrial parts. Optimal processing of all resins can be achieved with a closed-loop feedback system that allows fine-tuning for stability in controlling speeds, pressures and critical cavity packing.

Simultaneous injection capabilities

IML pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine have the ability to add industry-leading multi-layer technology. Our UIB machines with multi-layered capabilities address the rapidly growing barriers to entry market.

Our solution provides a cost-effective way to provide a protective barrier layer to your parts.

During the injection blow molding process, two different resins are combined in a 3-layer melt stream using simultaneous injection technology. The two flow streams are connected at each registered common injection nozzle, resulting in a three-layer composite flow through each gate into the mold cavities. The result is complete control and the ability to customize the placement and thickness of the barrier layer.

دستگاه تزریق بادی الکتریکی

High productivity with the lowest cost per unit

Every pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine system faces the economic challenge of high productivity in several ways:

Creating high cavitation with smaller bottles.

Use heavy clamp pressures with connecting rods to ensure even clamp pressure in all holes.

Utilizing an energy efficient hydraulic power package designed for fast cycling with minimal maintenance.

Providing standard process control that saves energy and resin, faster start-up, reduced machine downtime and fewer adjustments being made by the operator.

Providing a horizontal linear extruder that allows quick color change and is easy to maintain.

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Specifications of pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine

Hybrid or all-electric configurations

Molding area with nickel coating and oil free

Variable displacement pumps to optimize power consumption

A connection point for water, air and electrical connections

Closed loop injection control

Injection melt pressure up to 1,200 bar (17,000 psi)

Purchase of pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine

Esteemed pharmaceutical companies can contact our sales experts to get advice on purchasing various pharmaceutical injection blow molding machine

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