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Multi layer blow molding machines

Pars Multi layer blow molding machines is suitable for producing all kinds of plastic gallons for the chemical and petrochemical industries, motor oil and brake oil gallons, antifreeze, etc., which require multi-layered and impermeable maintenance.

The die head of this Multi layer blow molding machines is optional and used to produce special bottles, such as pesticide bottles and chemical bottles. At the same time, this model is especially suitable for making oil gallons below 5 liters.

دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 5 لیتری

Application of Multi layer blow molding machines

The Multi layer blow molding machines produces many kinds of hollow plastic products, such as milk bottles, oil drums, ocean balls, etc.

Making multi-layer bottles and gallons

Bloomolding’s plastic blow molding machine can produce 0-6 layers bottles, especially for antiseptic bottles, pesticide bottles, agricultural bottles, in order to prevent liquid leakage.

تولید دبه و گالن 5 لیتری

Features of Multi layer blow molding machines

Extrusion system

They provide extrusion motor and gearbox for screw. At the same time, the spiral and barrel made with the best quality ensure the plasticization of the plastic material well, the ceramic heater with uniform and fast heating performance!

clamp system

It has clamp plate and cylinder, linear guide, slider, converter… the mold is fixed on the plate. All components with precision mechanical movement, stable and fast

اکستروژن بلومولدینگ 5 لیتر

Electrical control

It has touch screen operation control, PLC, contact switch, air switch, voltage stabilized power, inverter. We can input, change and monitor the parameter of heating, pressure, time, alarm to control the operation parameter of the whole Multi layer blow molding machines with touch screen.

Die head system

Continuous model die head, the central material enters, you can change the material quickly and easily.

Hydraulic system

It has a hydraulic motor, valve, pump, oil tank, oil cooler, pipe, etc. It provides the required power for mechanical operation, at the same time, the proportional valve is controlled by the oil flow pressure to transmit the digital signal to the mechanical operation. , to control the performance of impact pin, clamp structure, die head and extrusion.

ماشین پلاستیک بادی 4 لیتری

This Multi layer blow molding machines is specially designed for making bottles and gallons up to 5 liters. The hydraulics are driven by accrate electric control system. Multi-layer wind machine is two stations to increase production efficiency. Also, it has a variety of die head selection. With more than 10 years of success in the market, this Multi layer blow molding machines has been updated to be one of the most reliable and popular Multi layer blow molding machines

l. High-speed mold clamping oil cylinder with differential speed function, and high-speed mold moving cylinder with special impact resistance release valve structure or customize direction adjusting valve to suit high speed.

2. The spiral designed with high L/D ratio ensures good plasticization and stable extrusion. High-precision collet, single to eight die heads are optional and meet the needs of customers with high quality.

3. Multiple spirals and claws can be used to improve product quality and reduce material cost.

4. The inverter from the best brands of large torque vector can work stably, low noise and durable.

تولید بطری و گالن چند لایه 5 لیتری

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