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Injection blow molding machine

The injection blow molding machine offers valuable opportunities for your production project. Continuous investment in this innovative technology has enabled us to offer our customers product production with injection molding machines as a recognized method for producing disposable bottles, Pars’ continuous investment and research in the field of injection molding machines means this. We are now using this technique in innovative ways to make hygienic pharmaceutical packaging products and ideal substitutes for glass. Whatever your needs, consult us to see if buying an injection blow molding machine is the perfect solution for your production line.

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How does the injection blow molding machine work?

The Pars injection blow molding machine allows you to produce hollow items such as bottles, droppers, plastic cans, etc. in large volumes, cost-effectively and with little waste.

The injection blowing process is a technique that is easy to understand, but difficult to master. Injection molding involves key steps in the process that produce a seamless end product. First, it involves shaping the elastomer into a preform, which is essentially a tube of resin that expands to become the final product. The preform is inserted into the mold and then compressed air is blown into it. After full expansion, the mold is opened and the molded product is removed.

This item is formed by pressing the wall inside the mold. This means that with precision tooling, we can give your product a beautiful, smooth appearance without additional processing.

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Specifications of injection blow molding machine

1. Injection unit

The injection blow molding machine, which is used to make all kinds of plastic bottles and cans, etc., consists of an extruder barrel and a spiral or screw assembly. This department produces raw materials, which are usually polyethylene or polypropylene, in molten form, which enters the mold designed to produce the final shape of the piece or product.

2. blow

The core rod of the injection molding machine rotates as the mold opens, releasing compressed air into the mold, which then expands to create the final shape of the hollow product.

3. Eject the product

The mold cools. Then it opens and the core rod of the injection blow molding machine moves towards the ejector point. The core rod is removed and the part is tested for leaks. This process involves more than one core rod to complete the blow molding process at the same time.

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Advantages of injection blow molding machine

When working on any project, cost is a serious consideration. But it is especially important when working on a large scale and in industrial applications. Compared to other methods that offer similar properties, injection molding is cheaper. It is also an adjustable process which makes it easily adaptable to different scales. Pars company cooperates with customers in large and small projects all over the world.

The injection molding machine is ideal for improving product quality consistency and provides a stable and easily adjustable foundation for component manufacturing.

This technique is also very fast. Blow molding is attractive to those looking for a solution to rapid production. This method produces very large quantities of your product with fast cycle times. And you can run the process indefinitely.

In addition, the injection blow molding machine is versatile. There are hundreds of potential applications for products made using this technique, and more are being discovered every day.

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History of injection blow molding machine

This versatile technique hasn’t been around forever. It is thanks to the foresight of a group of manufacturers in the 1930s that we can rely on technology as we know it today. Plastic injection blow molding was “invented” by Ferngren and Kopitke, two inventors who discovered a new way to use the ideas inherent in blowing plastics. This technique continued to be developed over the next decades, although it was not widely used as plastics were not in widespread circulation.

injection blow molding machine

In the 70s, with the rapid increase in the use of plastics in most industries, plastic injection blow molding gained momentum. But it was the birth of the beverage bottle that revealed the full benefits of this technical method. Molding with injection blow molding machine can quickly produce different sizes required for different bottles of mineral water and soft drinks, etc., and the production process can be accelerated to keep up with the demand.

Today, the blow molding machine produces various sanitary medicine bottles, but it is also used for other purposes such as cosmetic packaging, dairy packaging, cans and drums, as well as other parts made of plastic.

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Pars injection blow molding machine

Since its invention, as you can see above, this technique has mostly been used to make single-use plastic bottles. Pars Company is at the forefront of new production methods and applications and has adapted and modified the injection blow molding technique for years. Consequently, our method is reliable and versatile.

For example, we can create bottles with different thicknesses. If you want to produce thicker bottles around the mouth or neck, this tip can be useful to make sure the bottle mouth isn’t weak. Alternatively, you may need your bottles to have heavier bottoms, or higher tensile and burst strength to contain carbonated beverages. We have a proven track record of innovative needs and goals for injection molding and can help you with whatever your product needs.

Beyond this, we have made innovative use of different materials and resins. We have developed mass production of thick-walled glass-like transparent plastics for use in reusable water bottles and lighting products. Through the controlled blowing of semi-hardened plastic, we can produce attractive products with different colors and transparencies.

Our blow molding machine capabilities are constantly expanding and we help you take your projects to the next level.

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Buy a suitable injection blow molding machine

Most importantly, Pars takes pride in guiding its customers from idea to reality. We use our years of experience to recommend the right tool material, thickness, shape and design to meet your needs. Injection molding is a complex process and not for everyone, but it has significant benefits when used correctly.

We are available throughout the entire process and after-sales service to ensure that you receive the end product that is right for your needs and goals.

It is possible that during the consultation process we will find out that another injection blow molding machine is better for your project. That’s one of the benefits of working with a partner with such a wide range of knowledge, experience and ability – with a comprehensive and detailed view we can help you purchase your blow molding machine in the most efficient way possible.

You can contact our technical experts for advice and guidance through communication channels.

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