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Blowfill machine

The bottle filling and packing station is capable of producing up to 34,000 containers per hour in a variety of plastic shapes and mixtures with filling volumes from 0.04 to 10,000 ml, in a non-septic manner and taking into account all applicable pharmaceutical regulations.

Pharmaceutical filling machines are among the pneumatic plastic machines that, in addition to producing bottles, also have the ability to fill bottles with the desired liquid in an automatic and sealed manner.

This is what pharmaceutical industry customers need and enjoy the flexibility, accuracy, reliability and virtually unlimited scope of BFS technology.

دستگاه پرکن blowfill

BFS: Aseptic processing from fill to finish

Each BFS process begins with the extrusion of a sterile polymer tube inside the machine. The container is then immediately moulded, filled, sealed and removed – all in a single process, in a closed system and without any external intervention. This eliminates expensive logistics and time-consuming cleaning and sterilization of prefabricated containers.

All pharmaceutical bottle filling processes, including the dosing system, are designed with CIP/SIP in mind. In this way, all product transport lines are cleaned, sterilized with pressurized steam, and dried with sterile filtered air with automatic programs. This makes bottling technology the most reliable aseptic filling method.

Process steps of the filling machine


The plastic tube extruded from the granules is inserted into the opened mold.


The master mold is closed, sealing the base in the process. The mandrel descends on the neck of the mold and uses compressed air to blow the tube part into a container shape. Small containers are vacuum molded.

ماشین تولید سرم


The container is refilled through the mandrel with the exact amount of product measured by the dosing system.


The mandrel is removed, the head mold is closed and the required closure is formed by vacuum.

Final level

The blow mold is opened, the container is removed from the machine and the next cycle begins. A conveyor system moves the container to the next processing step.

فرآیند پر کردن بطری

Advantages of BFS filling machine technology

Unbreakable plastic containers

Ideal for filling liquids and aseptic gels

Maximum safety

It is officially recognized as an advanced aseptic system

Fully automatic manufacturing, filling and sealing in a single process

Maximum process and product reliability

دستگاه سرم سازی

Maximum filling accuracy

Almost unlimited scope in terms of bottle design

Adjustable for different uses and dosage forms

Modular design for easy disassembly

Automatic implementation of necessary cleaning and sterilization processes

ماشین پرکن سرم دارویی

BFS aseptic filling equipment for the pharmaceutical industry

Whether a bottle or an ampoule is to be filled, how it is filled, and what additional functions the container requires are usually based on the intended use. Pars bottle packaging machines can pack cans, bottles, tubes, ampoules, dropper bottles, balloon containers and partial packaging in various shapes and plastic mixtures, with filling volumes from 0.04 to 10,000 ml, aseptically or fully automatically and without the need for intervention. produce humans

Pharmaceutical companies and health pharmaceutical industries can contact our experts to get advice and buy serum and liquid filling machines.

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