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Automatic PET blow molding machine

The automatic PET blow molding machine is a two-stage molding machine that can be used to produce round and flat style PET bottles. These blow molding machines are easy and safe to operate and can help you achieve high output while maintaining quality consistently. The production rate ranges from 2600 bottles per hour to 5600 bottles per hour. From feeding to bottle discharge, the whole process is fully automatic and fully controlled by PLC.

دستگاه بادکن پت اتوماتیک

In short, the whole working process of fully automatic PET blow molding machine and semi-automatic blow molding machine is divided into pre-heating preforms and blow molding. The exact working principle is as follows:

How to operate the automatic pet blow molding machine

Preform transfer

The automatic feeder loads the preform into position and the clamp separates the preform and enters the heating furnace through the conveyor chain.


The preforms produced by the plastic injection machine enter the infrared tube furnace for heating through the transmission chain. The infrared oven has two rows of horizontal infrared lamps. The temperature of each lamp tube can be adjusted by PLC microcontroller. The upper and lower infrared lamps are at a constant temperature but different in height. In order to keep the diameter of the bottle unchanged, the lower part of the opening of the preform is usually not heated. At the same time, because it is in a high temperature environment, the temperature is cooled through the dispersion tube in the chiller. The temperature is thermostatically controlled from the middle of the preform to the bottom of the bottle. Because the hot gas evaporates upwards, the temperature of the bottom of the bottle is relatively low, otherwise it is easy to make the bottom of the bottle too thin and cause the bottom of the bottle to tear.

ماشین بادکن پت اتوماتیک روتاری

blowing the preform of the automatic pet blow molding machine

The heated preform enters the mold for blowing. The hot preform enters the mold clamping device for sealing. Like pre-blowing gas, the tension rod at the bottom pulls the preform upwards, the gas is blown with low pressure to a certain extent before blowing and enters the blow at the same time with high pressure. In a very short time, the bottle is immediately formed in one shot and the bottle is blowed. A cold dryer is usually installed before gas blowing. The gas passes through a filter to filter the moisture in the air and the oil in the equipment lubrication. The gas is clean and the formed bottle does not smell of oil. In addition, the hot preform in the mold clamp increases the heat of the mold and the temperature of the mold, which affects the bottle and equipment. The chiller ensures that the mold temperature drops quickly and ensures the quality and output of the bottle.

دستگاه بطری پت زن

Excess gas recovery

After the high-pressure and low-pressure gas is blown into the bottle once, it is discharged, which wastes energy and increases energy consumption. By installing the gas recycling device, pre-blowing gas and blowing gas enter the gas storage tank through a one-way valve, which can save 25% of energy consumption by the bottle blowing machine.

Specifications of the fully automatic Pet Blowing Machine

Preform handling

Strong grip system on loader and ejector to prevent clips from breaking.

Authentic carriers for longer life and reduced noise.

Thermal conditioning

Closed loop heating control (automatic preform temperature control).

Locating hitters – better, faster and easier.

Separate heater position adjustable in both axes.

Double opening protection – air and cold water ventilation for heating chamber with controllable valve (for better heat penetration).

دستگاه تولید بطری پت

Servo tension (optional).

Dual traction to reduce cycle time.

Non-contact linear potentiometer to achieve precise process control.

Clamping unit for automatic pet blowing machine mold

Close the mold using the Toggle mechanism for quick cycles.

Reducing the time to change the format

Fast format change system.

No need for lifting equipment

No need to change cooling lines.

Less time and effort is required.

دستگاه باد کن پت اتوماتیک

Bottle production rate

The production rate ranges from 2600 bottles per hour to 5600 bottles per hour.

The price and purchase of a fully automatic  pet blow molding machine

The fully automatic PET machine with high production circulation is an ideal and cost-effective device for mineral water, soft drink, all kinds of drinks packaging companies, etc., which need to produce a very high volume per day.

Esteemed companies of different industries can contact our sales experts to buy all kinds of automatic and semi-automatic pet blowing machines.

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