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60 to 260 liters extrusion blow moulding machines

The 60 to 260 liter extrusion blow moulding machines is mainly used for the production of single or multi-layer barrels and drums for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 60 تا 260 لیتر

Depending on the different sizes of plastic products, these devices and their products are mainly classified into the following categories:

micro for volume less than 15 liters,
small for volume 20-50 liters,
Average for a volume of 100-160 liters,
Large for a volume of more than 200 liters.

Also, according to the size of the opening, plastic products can be classified into small opening and large opening.

In practice, barrels below 30 liters are usually known as closed small opening barrels, which are sealed by the inner and outer casing of the barrel + internal thread, which are usually used for packaging hazardous liquids. 30 to 160 liter plastic drums are known as open mouth drums with rubber rib and rubber sealing strip and cover.

From the above analysis, it can be concluded that hollow containers of more than 200 liters are widely used for packing and transporting large volumes of liquid or powder. Also, the production technology of 200 liter drums is the highest but with the lowest possible cost.

Currently, in the market, all kinds of plastic packaging containers above 200 liters are mainly placed in the following categories.

A low level 200 liter double “L” ring and its economy model 200 liter single “L” ring

دای هد دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 200 لیتر

200 liter double ring “L” or 200 liter ordinary plastic bucket is known. Due to its overall design, the two upper and lower surfaces and the body of the barrel form a complete L-shaped projection ring, but also due to the height of the barrel under the bucket and the L ring. This type of packing barrel can meet the requirements of UN standards. for the packaging of hazardous liquid. It has a reasonable structural design, a strong barrel body, and can be used as a storage and stacking lifting implement like steel drums, so it is currently the most widely used at home and abroad. Container for packing large liquid dangerous goods. The 200-liter double “L” plastic bucket is a type of packaging container produced in the chemical industry. It is a type of packaging container with an average molecular weight of about 300,000 HMWHDPE. It can be used in large-scale 100-200 liter extrusion blow moulding machines. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and recyclability, it is highly sought after by domestic and international shipping circles, and because it can fully meet the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Act “in Dangerous Goods” It is increasingly used in the transportation of dangerous goods.

Currently, this 260 liter extrusion blow moulding machines is one of the most powerful Bloomolding extrusion machines for producing this type of barrels. This extrusion blow moulding machines is mainly used to produce 200 liter double ring barrel, it has very high reliability and production efficiency, the production of product quality can meet the requirements. This blow molding machine can make all kinds of hollow plastic products. Including car fuel tanks, packaging of chemical raw material barrels, pallets, IBC barrels, water tanks and more.

How the 260 liter extrusion blow moulding machines works

Molten plastic is extruded through the die, usually vertically, to form a walled tube of specified thickness. Air enters through the center of the mold to blow the tube like a balloon.

Then the product takes the shape of the mold and is cooled, after the mold is opened, the waste and extraneous products are separated from it and the final product is produced.

قالب بشکه پلاستیکی

Features of 260 liter extrusion blow moulding machines

single station

Single head with accumulator die head

Production volume: up to 260 liters

Usable raw materials PE/PP/PC/Nylon

Clamping system: Mill tie bar

Actuator model: hybrid servo motor actuation system/high efficiency hydraulic energy saving system/proportional valve with closed loop

Parison controller support / automatic recycling / automatic material feeder / remote diagnosis /

Automatic labeling capability in the IML format

محصولات دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 220 لیتری

Features of 260 liter extrusion blow moulding machines

HMI touch screen, with PLC system (optional Siemens/B&R control) for easy maintenance.

The spiral and the plasticizing tank are made of special steel with nitrogen for maximum temperature and heat resistance.

Water cooling technology controls the temperature of the feeding area.

Bluepin with hydraulic control

This extrusion blow moulding machines with accumulator die head is especially suitable for molding large capacity containers. (eg L-ring drum, open drum, jerry tank, water tanks, outdoor parts, pallet, car, etc.), ranging from 10 to 260 liters.

تولید بشکه و درام پلاستیکی

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