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5 liter blow moulding machine

The 5 liter blow moulding machine is a standard type machine with two station tie bar structure, three or four bar clamp structure is direct locking structure with automatic lubrication system. The structure is simple and stable, and it is suitable for collecting plastic waste.

All parts of the 1 liter blow moulding machine are computer controlled, it adopts simple operation, reliable work, high degree of automation, good exchangeability of components, realizing a multi-purpose blow moulding machine. This blow molding extrusion machine can choose single and double mode change models to meet different output needs. It can be equipped with single head, double head, four head, multi-layer head, and servo wall thickness control system to meet the needs of different products.

ماشین پلاستیک بادی 1 لیتری

Features of 5 liter blow moulding machines

Stable, accurate, low noise and faster cycle time.
50 to 60% less energy consumption compared to the equivalent hydraulic device.
Improve production efficiency by 20~25% compared to equivalent hydraulic blow moulding machine.
Parison electric control with 10 to 15% less energy consumption than the hydraulic system.
Clean and pollution-free, without the problem of oil leaks and annoying piping.
Very low maintenance

دستگاه تولید بطری 1 لیتری

Use of parallel carriage with automatic lubrication system. The movements are stable and easy to operate, double-layer die head is optional. This blow moulding machine is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Choosing the right blow moulding machine: We have a professional team, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, commissioning engineers… Our engineers have been in this field for more than 18 years, have rich experiences. According to the plastic products and customer’s needs, we can provide a good solution based on experiences. And we can also recommend related auxiliary machines to get a complete production line.

دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 1 لیتری

Specifications of 5 liter blow moulding machines

Clamping system: two stations + high precision guide

Extrusion system: Hard surface tooth speed reducer

Die head system: Central input die head with special steel

Air flow system: imported pneumatic elements

Control system: imported PL C + lmported touch screen + PLC, automatic temperature control module or special computer for 1 liter extrusion blow moulding machine

کلگی ماشین پلاستیک بادی

Buy blow moulding machines

Customer visit: Before executing the order, if the customer is interested, you can warmly visit our workshop. We will introduce 1 liter blow moulding machines, 5 liter blow moulding machines, 30 liter and larger blow moulding machines on the site.

Delivery Time: We will finish the production and testing at the delivery time, make sure the customer’s production schedule. During the production process, we will also share production progress photos and test video with the customer.

Warranty time: Our warranty time is 12 months after delivery. During this time, we provide replacement parts for any quality problems of the machine. If the buyer faces any technical problem, we will provide necessary support.

Training and installation: When the blow moulding machine arrives at the buyer’s factory, we will send an engineer to the buyer’s factory to help install and test the machine until it works normally.

Pars Company is the manufacturer of the best and most up-to-date blow moulding and plastic injection machines in Iran. Dear industrialists, you can contact our experts to buy polymer plastic machines through communication channels.

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