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400 ton injection molding machine

The 400 ton automatic injection machine is a machine for obtaining molded products by injecting molten plastic materials due to heat into the mold and then cooling and solidifying them.

This injection machine is suitable for the mass production of products with complex shapes and has a great contribution to the field of plastic processing.

دستگاه تزریق اتوماتیک 400 تن

The molding process by the injection machine is divided into 5 main stages.

Opening the template
Exit products

This process can be used to make thousands of plastic parts by repeating the cycle in succession.

400 ton automatic injection molding machine

The automatic injection machine is divided into 2 units, i.e. a clamping unit and an injection unit.

The function of the clamping unit is to open and close the mold and eject the products. There are 2 types of mold closing methods, which are the latch type and the direct hydraulic type, in which the mold is opened and closed directly by a hydraulic cylinder.

The function of the injection unit is to melt the plastic by heat and then inject the molten plastic into the mold.

The auger is rotated to melt the plastic entering from the tank and the molten plastic collects in front of the auger. After the required amount of molten plastic is accumulated, the injection process begins.

While the molten plastic flows through the mold, the machine controls the speed of the spiral movement or injection speed. On the other hand, after filling the molten plastic cavities, it controls the static pressure.

The changeover position from speed control to pressure control is set at the point when the screw position or injection pressure reaches a certain constant value.

قالب دستگاه تزریق

Injection mold

A mold is a hollow metal block into which molten plastic is injected from a fixed shape. Many holes are made in the block to control the temperature by water, oil or heater.

Molten plastic flows into the mold through the sprue and fills the voids through the runner. Then, the mold is opened after the cooling process, and the ejector rod of the plastic injection machine pushes the ejector plate of the mold to eject the product from the mold.


Molding consists of a sprue to introduce molten resin, a runner to guide it into cavities and products. Since it is very inefficient to obtain only one product in one shot, a mold is usually designed to have multiple cavities connected to a runner so that many products can be produced in one shot.

If the length of the runner to each cavity is different in this case, the cavities may not be filled simultaneously, so that the dimensions, appearance or properties of the molds often differ from cavity to cavity. Therefore, the runner is usually designed to have the same length from the sprue to each hole.

The use of regrinding materials in the injection machine

Waste left in sprues and runners between moldings is not a product. These parts are sometimes discarded, but in other cases they are re-ground and reused as molding material. These materials are called reprocessed or re-milled materials.

Recycled materials are not used solely as molding materials, but are usually used after mixing with new raw materials, as various plastic properties may be degraded due to the initial molding process. The maximum allowable limit for the proportion of recycled materials is about 30%, because an excessive proportion of recycled materials may destroy the original properties of the plastic used.

Molding conditions

Molding conditions mean cylinder temperature, injection speed, mold temperature, etc., which are set in the molding machine to obtain the required molds, and the number of combinations of conditions is countless. Depending on the selected conditions, the appearance, dimensions and mechanical properties of molded products change significantly.

Therefore, it requires proven technology and experience to select the most suitable molding conditions.

کارخانه تزریق پلاستیک

Advantages of 400 ton automatic injection molding machine

The complete structure of the machine is specially designed for thin-walled containers with high production speed

Extra large servo motor ensure fast production capacity and less cycle time
The ultra-thick mold plate design can withstand constant high-speed injection

High strength of original parts from the best brands

High speed injection machine

Closed loop injection

Digital proportional back pressure system

10 inch LCD display with multi-language optional

Return line filtration system

Automatic safety door device

Oil temperature control system

Joint part of the oil cooler

Accurate and robust design of oil pipes

400 ton injection molding machine options

Hydraulic extinguishing nozzle

Spring extinguishing nozzle

Robot interface

Stacking system of food containers

mold design

Part extraction robot

Top entry/side entry IML system

دستگاه تزریق اتوماتیک

Applications of 400 ton automatic injection machine

Suitable for requesting high production capacity of all kinds of plastic buckets and baskets.

Medium to large sized household appliance plastic parts (such as air conditioner cover, refrigerator cover); plastic chairs; Trash, etc

Suitable for the automotive industry to produce plastic car parts, including dashboards, side mirrors, etc.

Features of 400 tons automatic injection machine

30% more energy savings than using a traditional variable pump.

Suitable for molding engineering and general use plastics such as polycarbonate (PC), PMMA and fiberglass reinforcing plastics;

Stable and smooth movement supported by AC servo motor.

Effective reduction of energy consumption due to the reduction of oil and cooling water from the hydraulic system.

High performance European B&R control system.

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