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30 to 130 liters blow molding machines

The 30-130 liter blow molding machines is used to produce various plastic products such as barrels, pallets, toys, water storage tanks, floats, auto parts, and functional barrels of open or narrow mouth drums.

This machine is suitable for blowing plastic products with different shapes.

دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 30 تا 130 لیتر

blow molding machines 30 to 130 liters with accumulator die head

This blow molding machines can produce big plastic pieces like the following products.

Sports equipment
Household products
Packaging containers
Water tanks and any kind of large size goods.

The accumulator die head is with two current channels to increase the output power.

Double-ring drums are very popular for storing hazardous liquids for the chemical industry. These drums are made of HMW HDPE material, which has anti-acid, alkali and impact resistance properties to adapt to different conditions and climates.

This blow molding machines ensures advanced plastic drum construction and has a special cooling process to strengthen the drum. In addition, to ensure the quality, various tests are performed on the strength and resistance of the barrels. In this device, you are looking for a unique performance in every way. These devices are suitable for containers up to 120 to 130 liters.

Larger machines with a production capacity of up to 260 liters are also provided by Pars.

دای هد 120 لیتر

applications of the large accumulator blow molding machines

2 hole jerry drum
Water storage tanks
Paddle wheel air float
Air channel and other car parts
Child safety seat
Cooler channel/ types of buckets
Sports equipment
Narrow opening and open opening drum

For certain products, we have developed a high-speed model of this series for customers who need high production output.

Accumulator type

Single or multi-layered

120-280 kg per hour

Toys, chairs


Flotation device

Auto Parts

پلاستیک بادی

The main components of the blow molding machines


To obtain a quality molded product, a good parison must first be formed. The most important factor affecting the quality of parison is the extruder.

The main components are cylinder, screw, funnel, gearbox, drive motor and heating/cooling section.

die head

The die head forms the molten resin in the extruder into a cylindrical parison and adjusts the parison wall thickness.

Clamping unit

The clamp unit consists of a mold mounting plate, a frame, a mold closing drive device, a mold clamp cylinder, a transfer device and an expansion transfer rail.

Features of blow molding machines 30 to 130 liters

We have a range that can meet a variety of needs, from a few cc bottles to 10,000 liter tanks.

Die head blow molding machines 30 to 130 liters

We produce single-layer and multi-layer die heads in sequential and accumulator methods for a variety of molding methods.

At Pars Company, we have a variety of parts, and we provide suitable products in response to customer demand.

تولید بشکه و درام پلاستیکی

blow molding machines with energy saving

We manufacture medium and large size blow molding machines from 40 ton to 150 ton clamping force for several products.

In addition, we prepare hybrid (hydraulic + electric) and all-electric type for a production line to suit energy saving and high speed molding.

Fast production cycle

We provide options such as “low and high temperature spiral” and “air cooling system” for high speed blow molding machines.

High pressure tank production (for hybrid cars)

sound reduction

Reducing the amount of dust penetration

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